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Guest blogs and notable links

about Tonya and/or A Feigned Madness

Tonya's list of the best historical fiction books with gothic vibes that will give you the creeps for Shepherd. com

A Conversation with Author Tonya Mitchell. A Q&A with notable Victorian author Pam Lecky

Tonya's guest post for historical fiction author Brook Allen, author of a thrilling trilogy about the life of Marc Antony (the Antonius Trilogy).

A review of A Feigned Madness by the Books Delight blog

Tonya's guest post on Tony Riches' wonderful historical fiction blog where she talks about researching the illustrious Nellie Bly

On wellness and writing, a discussion with health guru Colleen Story

Tonya's curated list for Crime Reads: Ten New Gothic Reads that Explore the Darkness Within

Faking Insanity: Writing the Novel. The path to publishing success, like so much in life, is (almost) never a straight line.

An interview with Beatrice of Candlelight Reading

A conversation with fellow author and Nellie Bly aficionado Kate Braithwaite, who also wrote of Nellie's asylum stunt, in her novel The Girl Puzzle

An interview with fellow historical fiction author Mercedes Rochelle about the writing of A Feigned Madness

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